About Webats

One of the major perks of working as a web developer/designer is the constant discovery of new things. The goal of this blog is to share these discoveries with others and to allow the exploration of more specialized topics. Posts are written in a roughly bi-weekly cycle, alternating between design- and programming-related subjects. We are open to feedback or proposals for further blog posts about topics of your interest!

We are two passionate web workers with a broad range of interests. While Lisa is the design and user experience expert, Francesco is all about development: with this combination, we can cover most web-related topics.

Lisa Gringl

I‘m Lisa, a Visual Designer, with a passion for responsive Webdesign, UX and Typography living in Innsbruck. I love creating something visual, I like coding and I love the board game „settlers of catan“.


Francesco Novy

I’m a Web Developer from Innsbruck, Austria. I love to make things on the web. My passion is frontend development with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. I strife for interoperability and usability as well as for modern and cross-browser UIs. I like to build web- and mobile apps with Ember.js.



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